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About the RWxY

The Royal Wessex Yeomanry is Britain’s only Armoured Reserve regiment that consists of part-time tank soldiers and officers in South West England. Though based locally, the regiment recruits individuals nationwide, uniting diverse volunteers with a shared passion for service. RWxY soldiers and officers are not just military personnel but ordinary men and women with regular jobs and everyday lives. They dedicate their spare time to mastering the formidable Challenger 2 main battle tank.

Balancing civilian and military commitments, RWxY soldiers and officers embody professionalism and community spirit. With the commitment they show to the regiment offers numerous opportunities that enrich their lives personally and professionally. Competitive pay, pension plans, comprehensive fitness training, and the chance to engage in various sports and travel experiences broaden their horizons beyond the ordinary.

The RWxY is more than just a military unit. It is a close-knit family where camaraderie and mutual support are paramount. Bonds formed within the regiment are strong, built on trust and shared experiences in both training and operational environments. A sense of belonging fosters a collaborative environment where individuals achieve extraordinary feats, transforming ordinary citizens into skilled tank crews capable of remarkable accomplishments.

Being a member of the RWxY offers a rare opportunity to serve their country while maintaining civilian lives, proving that ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary things when united by a common purpose. This regiment testifies to the strength and resilience of its volunteers, who seamlessly integrate military training into their everyday lives, contributing to national defence and security with unwavering dedication and pride.

Royal Wessex Yeomanry

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